A brief introduction

I’m Angad Behl. I’m currently a high school student and have been interested in computer science for as long as I can remember. I’ve started programming by the time I was six years old and have been doing it since. Right now, I’m focusing on publishing open-source software and building my portfolio.


Programming is definitely one of my interests. When I graduate, I hope to make a living from (ethical) software development. Since ~2023, I’ve been self-hosting a lot of services using Docker on a 2011 Dell Vostro 460 and a Pi 4. I also love skiing and wish I could do it more often.


As mentioned, I program. I’ve been using Python and enjoy it. However, I want to learn JavaScript (as well as HTML and CSS) so I can make full-stack apps. I also like working with APIs and have made a few projects that use them. I’ve also taken Harvard CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python through edX.